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    We’ve all been criticized and punished for the things we see men get rewarded for—being smart, competitive, confident, and sex-positive. We refuse to be silent about these double standards and support those taking action to make this world truly safe for women and girls. That’s why a portion of proceeds from products on the site go to Planned Parenthood and a growing list of other organizations fighting for human rights and the planet. To date, we've donated $130,293 to Planned Parenthood and $1,129 to the ACLU, for a total of $131,422 of charitable giving. And we’re not stopping!

    But giving back doesn’t have to only come in the form of charitable donations. Here at Shrill Society, it starts with being kind and affecting positive change in simple and direct ways. It’s a bit of a pay-it-forward mentality—we love providing support, guidance, and educational tools to women, just as we’ve been lucky enough to receive from our mentors and peers.And we’re a female-owned business hiring a young, intersectional crew to continue working and building creative products.