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    Like millions of other Americans, I watched the final presidential debate on October 19 in disbelief—how could anyone be taking this man seriously?! I was messing around on my computer when I (and we all) heard Trump say somewhat under his breath, “such a nasty woman,” to and about his opponent Hillary Clinton. How many times have men called me (and you) something terrible for being professional? Prepared? Confident? Fuck that. I mocked up the Nasty Woman shirt and had them for sale online before the debate was even over. I posted the shirt on my personal Instagram account and friends began reposting it. By the end of the night, I had sold 50 shirts—a record for me. (Did I mention Google Ghost used to be my after-work hobby?) When I woke up, I checked sales hoping for a few more...and there were thousands. Turns out the shirt went viral.

    It was in New York magazine, Teen Vogue, Elle, Bustle, and hundreds of other publications. I freaked out a little, but with no time to waste, I kicked into high gear and Got. Shit. Done. Not only did the shirt resonate with people everywhere, the promise to give 50% of proceeds to Planned Parenthood proved the perfect way to say “fuck Trump.” And guess what? As of March 2017, I donated over $130,000!!!



    But it didn’t stop there. I received hundreds (maybe even thousands) of emails from women pissed off by the election results and asking me “what can I do?” I went to get drinks with my best friend and creative partner, Cameron, and told her about all these emails I was getting. What could we do together in the face of such a bullshit election and the next four years? That’s when we developed the Year of the Nasty Woman planner (or what we affectionately call the Fuck Trump Action Planner). We wanted to highlight important women throughout history who paved the way despite oppression, who resisted, who never compromised. We wanted to create something you could use daily, record your to-dos, your goals, and how you are going to crush the system. The 237-page planner is full of important dates, quotes from inspiring women, actions you can take during Trump’s presidency, and, we hope, a sense of community.

    Now, we’re letting the many awesome women we featured in the planner, who followed their passions and sense of what’s right, be our guides for the next year. Each month, we’ll be introducing a new theme connected to the planner, with products made by and for women that bring those ideas to life in your world, whether it’s a must-read book by the incomparable bell hooks or a vibrator that doubles as a gorgeous necklace. And we’re sharing free resources on our site to connect you with ideas and concrete actions. Plus every purchase you make on the site gives back. We’re continuing to donate a portion of the proceeds to Planned Parenthood.

    We’re not giving up and neither should you.


    Amanda + Cameron